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Addiction dog food - made in NZ

To order Addiction  Contact Karen on E: or Mobile 021-124-0174

 We sell Addiction pet food. This is made in NZ.  

Customer recommendations.

Storm (below) is 13 1/2 years old and looks truly handsome. His coat has regained its lovely rich colour and lustre now he is eating Addiction.
Sandra said "dogs just love the food. Willow is eating hers as soon as I put it down for her. Willow has never done this she takes all night to eat her tea normally."
Liz bought Addiction salmon for her cat and emailed "And just letting you know the cat adores his new food." 

Flavours include: Lamb, Pork, Salmon.

Treats also in Venison and Possum

Bag sizes include: 1.8kg, 9kg, 15kg

What Nature Intended For Your Pet

Using only natural, wholesome, highest quality ingredients packed with nutritional benefits to enhance health and well-being, Addiction’s range of pet foods contains no artificial preservatives, flavours, fillers or by-products which are commonly found in many of today’s pet and even human foods. We strive to use wild or free-range meats that are not subject to growth hormones and steroids, but are instead raised in a stress-free environment. The result? Food as close to what nature intended, allowing your pet to achieve the highest levels of optimal health possible.

For more information on Addiction biscuits, click here.

Biscuit loves his Addiction so much he gets pretty demanding around dinner time, barking to be fed!!

On behalf of the SGRC Club a huge thank you for sponsoring the Rally and also for the little sample.

My boy can be quite ho hum re dried dog food but he really enjoyed the sample plus the biscuits he won.  I have bought him the salmon to use as titbits as he adores fish.  This is going to be his special treat.  I noticed all the salmon samples for sale had gone. Anyway you r generous donation was very much appreciated.                   Cheers, Miriam