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Agility skills and coaching guidelines



Basic skills

Wait and come

Run with me

Turn on and off switches



Post turns left and right/Hurdle wrap

Circle work

Front cross in a straight line


Figure of eight

Spins and twists left and right

Turn head  left and right

Tunnels turn left and right at end

Sends/lateral distance

Walk in front left and right

Back crosses


Advanced skills.






Good coaches are essential to the ongoing development of any sport, as they will help newbies develop a love for the sport through creating a fun, positive and motivating club and training environment.      Every year many people will get to coach agility classes because no one else wants to do it. There are many places that you can go to get information on how to become a more confident and effective coach. Here are a few guidelines to help you on the way.

Ask yourself some questions?

  1. Do I need a session plan?
    1. A plan will give your session structure and reduce down time
    2. A plan will help ensure your objectives are met during the term/year
    3. You can formulate your own plan or use other club plans
    4. What sort of session plan do you need?
      1. This may vary depending on the level you are coaching. For example beginners will work on specific obstacles, whereas more experienced groups will work on sequences perhaps with specific challenges in them.

Session Plans.

Planning is important to maximise the outcome of a session as most will only get 1-2 sessions per week. If you are not organised you will find that a large part of the session is spent organising what to do!  So having a plan is essential as a time benefit alone. Read more

Other resources.

Coach Connect on Facebook. SportNZ