GOODOGZ training

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Agility training 


We are using 2 x 2 weave poles. You start by getting dog to go between two poles from any direction.

The two videos below show the dogs weaving 4 poles from a few different directions. 

Sequel weave training

Zinc weave training

Below: dogs weaving 6 poles. You can see Zinc single-striding the weave. 

Sequel  6 pole weave

Zinc 6 pole weave



We are using the Beep Board to train the puppies.

This involves a sound board that makes a beep when they touch it with their feet. This eliminates the chance of handler error!!

First task is getting them to touch it consistently. Swimmers turns are a good way to start.

Next is "round the clock" training where they have to go to the board from a variety of different directions after getting their treat.

Then straight running from a variety of distances to the board. This requires them to lengthen or shorten their stride to hit the Beep Board. A Treat box can be used to keep them running straight after hitting the board, or throw a toy.


Started with wings and a pole on the ground so the pups got the idea of looking ahead and altering their stride if needed for the turns. 

Did single jump training to emphasise the turns.

Lanes - to bring in different looking jumps and distances.

Also practicing leadouts!!

Zinc- leadout and Lane jumping.

Sequel - leadout and lane jumping.