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Dog Agility

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Interested in dog agility? So are we!!

Karen and husband Peter de Wit have been active in dog agility since the mid-1980s, competing, coaching, judging and administration. Over this time they have learnt a lot about the sport of agility, and they have been to the forefront of innovation in the sport.

Goodogz can help you with any aspect of dog agility:-
  • puppy training
  • introducing a dog to agility
  • coaching
  • solutions for problems
  • how to perform better
  • the human part of agility

Goodogz offer:-
  • classes or individual lessons
  • club training and seminars


Training for you and your dog

~ Newbie ~ Senior level ~ Puppy ~

Whatever the level we can help with your training.

~ Clubs ~ Groups ~ Individuals ~

Contact us and Karen will get back to you with some suggestions of plans that might suit you. Choose your plan and you can be off training your dog…

Examples of plans include:

1.     FOUNDATION PLAN. Class programmes for Foundation level including instructor and class member booklets, weekly layout and exercise plans, aims of the exercises, and what your class will have learnt by the end of the course.

2.    COMPETITION PLAN. Class programmes to stretch your top level class. If your instructors are so busy teaching others that they don’t have time for themselves, we can provide a weekly programme to challenge them.

3.    GROUP PLAN. Are you a group of friends who like to get together and have fun doing agility with your dogs, but don’t know what to do? We can provide weekly or monthly training plans, customised to your space and equipment.

4.    INDIVIDUAL TRAINING PLANS. Would you like some customised training? We can provide weekly or monthly training plans, and give feedback on your videoed performances.

Contact Karen on

Looking at different angles

A set of six exercises to work through in your own time.
The exercises will focus on angles and you will be practicing how best to communicate to the dog what obstacle is required next.
You will post a video on YouTube and receive feedback on it. Once you have completed one exercise you can move on to the next one.
You will need 4 jumps and a tunnel.
To join this group, and receive your first exercise outline, send an email request to: (Fill in the form below).
$20/exercise or $100/full 6 exercise course.
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Foundation Dog Agility

Here is a short clip about the Foundation agility training that you can do with a young dog or beginner

Topics covered in the short clip include; tugging, waits, collar grabs/hands, balance work, Handling on the ground, Shaping a cone, Foundation games include: go round wing, handling exercises/crosses, send to tunnel, figure of 8s -go round wing/round me, Wing course.

Contact KAREN to start teaching these skills to your dog!

Identifying challenges, and determining the best path for your dog.

Firstly you need to be aware of the types of challenges that exist, and identify them.
You need to know what strengths (and weaknesses) you and your dog have, what you have trained, and what you can confidently use to negotiate the challenges.
You need to determine which challenges pose the most risk (eg. a disqualification, refusal, pole down) and determine a plan of action balancing the risks vs speed.