GOODOGZ training

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Dog Agility

For active dogs with or without active owners

  • Coaching
  • Any obstacle, all levels covered
  • helping you and your dog perform better
  • Enquire for more information

Contact Karen on E: or Mobile 021-124-0174

Karen can help you with any aspect of dog agility:-
  • puppy training
  • introducing an older dog to agility
  • coaching
  • solutions for problems
  • how to perform better
  • the human part of agility

Foundation Dog Agility

Topics include; tugging, waits, collar grabs/hands, balance work, Handling on the ground, Shaping a cone, Foundation games include: go round wing, handling exercises/crosses, send to tunnel, figure of 8s -go round wing/round me, Wing course.

#Contact KAREN to start teaching these skills to your dog!

Agility skills list - just some of the skills we can teach
Agility training video - a sample of training our own dogs
Agility competition etiquette