GOODOGZ training

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Dog Grooming

  • Dog grooming for your dog
  • Styling and grooming to your requirements
  • Includes nail clipping and ear checks
  • Cost from $70 for small dogs, short clips
  • Extra for larger dogs, matted, long coats, special styles
  • Anal glands extra $5
  • Large breeds not catered for.

Contact Karen on E: or Mobile 021-124-0174

Doggy make-overs

Karen is a dog groomer in Upper Hutt. She takes great pride in her doggy 'makeovers'.

The makeover starts by asking you how you would like your dog to look. Often this differs with the season and the age of the dog.

Bring a picture if you like!!

She will ask you about:-
  • length of coat
  • long ears or short?
  • style for the face and the tail

A full groom includes nails checked and cut if needed, bath and blow dry, trimming with clippers and scissors as required.

You may just want a tidy up - nails, trim around the face, the feet and around the bottom - please ask for a price.

Grooming your puppy

Start grooming your puppy when you get it. No matter what bred you should regularly check his nails, eyes, ears, teeth, skin and paws.

Daily is best for long haired breeds, but twice a week for short haired dogs. Bathing helps reduce hair around the house.

Be gentle but firm at first. 

Get him used to standing, and not biting the brush! 

Give rewards every few strokes. 

Add the hairdryer because he needs to get used to noise.

Touch all over his face/eyes/nose too!

Click on the picture to read about grooming your puppy.


C = cleanliness

            Remove dirt and discharge

            Reduce hair deposit on carpet and furniture

            Decr chance of tangling, matting, soiling


H = health

Improve condition of skin, hair

Prevent skin irritation caused by matting

Stimulates hair growth by removing dead hair

Attention to orifices, eyes, ears, feet


A = appearance

            Look so much better!


I = inspection

            Early detection of problems eg. Fleas, scabs, hairloss etc

            Detect foreign bodies such as ryegrass, bidibidi


R = relationship

Part of social relationship

Dog allows grooming = tolerant, aids Vet exam

Aids training

Massage action