GOODOGZ training

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More puppy learning

Toilet training

Understand that:-

  • puppies toilet when they need to
  • pups cannot hold on for long periods or think about where to toilet till about 4-6 months old
  • Signs a pup needs to toilet include;- rushing about, sniffing, holding tail up, squeaking, crying, running to or looking at a door
  • Times a pup needs to toilet are:- when waking up, after eating or drinking, after play etc

Choose an area where you want your dog to go to toilet, and visit it frequently during the times described above

Reward puppy for going toilet in the spot once he has finished, with happy voice/food rewards, clapping etc.

Minimise distractions. Be serious during toilet time as pups are easily distracted from what they should be doing. A quiet place is best (less distracting again)

Clean mistakes up with water/vinegar/washing liquid mix.

No point in telling puppy off after the fact as they dont recall

If you catch him in the act, scoop him up and take him to his spot.
    Be patient.
    that he has free access to as this will minimise the chance he toilets inside. if he makes mistakes indoors then he will often go back there.

Playing with your puppy

Play is very important.
It is great for building a relationship with your dog, is a good way to burn off excess energy and is fun for all concerned.
Tugging is great fun. You can give your pup messages about his teeth as he may make mistakes and grab you instead of the toy - if he does squeal and stop play for a while.
Tugging motion needs to be geared to size and age of dog. Tug up and down and let the dog do most of the work.
Let your pup win more than you do, and tell him how clever he is, so he will want to play with you again.
Teach him to "Get it" when you tell him to and also to "give it" when you ask. 
You could ask for a good behaviour like a sit and reward with a good tug, and then ask him to give.
Dropping the toy. A piece of food in front of his nose in association with th word "give' will teach him to drop things in his mouth.

Toys and games for clever dogs

All dogs are clever and like to do things!!
Interactive toys include Treat balls and kongs.
Many pet shops have great games for dogs to play. Here is a short video review. of one.
Other games include: walk the plank, go round the bucket, put your feet up, and the multitude of games that dogs can play!

And Doggie has a list of 52 tricks you can teach your dog, just three are described in the picture right.