GOODOGZ training

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Our dogs

MAGIC RAIN IN SYNC (Zinc)                                                  and                                  C's THE DAY THE SEQUEL (Sequel)

Zinc is a Jumpers B agility dog, RA RallyO dog and only a point off FD Flygility dog. He has his Canine Good Citizen Foundation and Novice awards. He is very fast and hugely energetic on course, but easy to live with. His nickname is "Angel boy".

ZINC - is related to Quick
He was bred by Emma Charman.
Dam: Emma's "Bounce" (She is Quick's neice.)
Sire: Carl Ranford's "Van".

Sequel became and Agility champion in Dec 2020.

She has also qualified RE (RallyO) and FD (Flygility) showing her consistency and great work ethic.

SQL - is related to Cee
She was bred by Tacey Sorensen
Sire: Tacey Sorensen's' "Wassi" who is Cee's nephew.

QUICKPAWS ALI   C'S THE DAY (ALI)                                                                      and                                      QUICKPAWS FAST FINISH (FINN)

Finn and Ali are litter brother and sister from our own dog QUICK.

Ali is a Grand agility Champion and Grand Jumpers Champion.

Finn is a Grand agility Champion and Jumpers Champion. He has his RA for RallyO and is Canine Good Citizen silver.


Benji is a Lowchen owned by Pete's Mum.

He has done agility on and off with Karen and at times showed a great turn of speed! He achieved his JD award.


Quick has a fantastic nature and is a very talented dog.
Her list of achievements is very long!
Dam: Ross McBeth's Witch
Sire: Ross McBeth's Ice
January 2017 Quick suffered a major Cruciate rupture and meniscal damage in her right knee. This ended her agility career.
She now enjoys competing in RallyO!


We have been lucky to have lived with a number of special dogs.
Our first dog was Cobber in 1985. He got us enrolled in Obedience classes and so began a lifetime of living with dogs, training dogs, and helping others with their dogs in conjunction with competing in Agility, RallyO, Flygility and obedience.

Passed away March 2020

Dee is a small bunch of fun! She gets very excited when she does agility, in fact she enjoys most things in life. At home she is our dedicated 'bowl dog" getting to lick the bowl first!!
April 2016 - Dee retired from agility and became a Rally-O dog!
She loved doing RallyO and got to the top level

Our sweet little "JJ" who was with us such a short time.


Tana was a very keen dog. He loved doing agility, nothing fazed him and he was always willing to have another go!!

I still wish I could have cloned him :-)


A tri-colour heading dog from Central Hawkes bay she was very noisy, very fast and very clever!! She and Pete achieved many titles together including in Australia. She gained her last challenge at age 11 years!

Silverstream Ascki (Ascki)

Our first Heading dog when there were not many in agility. She came from Central hawkes bay and was a great dog for kids - she loved playing soccer and any ball games! She was on Wonderdogs and Superdog and she was a superb jumper!

Strathbridge Bonnie  Gem (Moss)

Beautiful Moss flew to Upper Hutt from Christchurch, chosen for me by Dawn Prattley and she was a tremendous worker. She got lots of clear rounds and represented Zone 3 a record number of times.



Sarah was Pete's first dog. Like Cobber, she gave everything a go and did well at them all! She died suddenly at quite a young age.
The dog who got us started together! A very big dog (35kg when thin) with an awesome nature! he loved swimming and balls and was a chilled out boy who gave everything a go from Flygility to Agility, Obedience to tracking. He was an awesome family pet and lived to a ripe old age!