GOODOGZ training

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About Us

Why choose Goodogz?

We provide sensible advice 

We help you to enjoy a life with a dog in it.

We share the skills you need to ensure your dog is one of the good guys! 

We use and promote Positive dog training methods.

You can have confidence is us - We have extensive experience in a wide range of dog training areas. 

Karen qualified as a veterinarian in 1986, and taught Husbandry of dogs, Dog behaviour and Problem behaviour to Vet nurses for a number of years. 

She has trained dogs in basic behaviour, agility, RallyO and Obedience. She has trained many owners with many different types and ages of dog.

She is keen to help you spend long and enjoyable lives with your dogs as she has with hers.

Local - close to Kaiapoi and Rangiora

Promise that dog training can be fun!!!

Karen qualified as a Vet in 1986
Started dog training in 1985 with Cobber, in obedience, tracking, flygility and agility. Since then she has added RallyO to her list of dog-related pursuits.
She tutored Animal Care and Vet Nursing students in Care of dogs and Dog Behaviour. 
She has been an active member and instructor of dog training clubs.
She is a founding member of NZARO (Rally-O)
Previously a member of the NZKC Agility Committee as well as an agility Judge and Mentor.
Qualified CAP2 clicker trainer.  

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.