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Puppy Pre-school

for puppies from 10 weeks old

Zinc as a puppy

GOODOGZ puppy pre-school has an Open Enrolment policy. This means that puppies can enter the programme at any stage.


Benefits of our puppy classes:- 

  • start class now, or book and come when your pup is 10 weeks old

  • take the mystery out of having a puppy

  • practice real life situations every week

  • meet more puppies and more puppy owners

  • progress at your own rate

  • four weeks long

  • experienced instructor takes the class

  • all based on a programme designed by Karen de Wit

The programme includes:-

  • Preparing your puppy for going out and about

  • creating a co-operative puppy

  • Tips and advice for puppies that are great around all types of people

  • Using food for more than helping your puppy grow!


We help with:-

  • Essentials like sit, down, come, follow me. 

  • Practical tips and advice - toilet training, barking and biting etc

  • General health care advice

  • Boredom busters and enrichment ideas

  • Socialisation and interaction with people and dogs.

  • Handling tips for grooming and health.

  • Guidance around how children and puppies should interact.


Our programme includes off-leash time which is closely monitored to ensure pups of similar ages/size and disposition are safely interacting. We do not run free-for-all play time as we want to make sure puppy interactions are as positive as possible.

We do not provide a germ free environment, but all puppies must have had at least one vaccination and be at least 10 weeks old before beginning class. A Health declaration is signed to ensure sick puppies stay away from class.


Note (Upper Hutt) : classes are held outdoors, but are under cover. Appropriate clothing for the weather conditions is recommended. Class may be postponed in bad weather.

Dee as a puppy
Finn saying Hi nicely to Vicky's baby
Zinc loves his pinecone


The info that we received from your course set me up with the initial skills and knowledge to start training.

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, and all the information within your website.

Our next adventure starts with Good Canine Citizen which I know we will both take away more learnings and have a great fun time (Clive)

Thanks so much for the course and sending the photo through. 

You've been an excellent teacher. 

Have a great day. (Bevan)

We took our puppy to the Vet and she pulled us in and got straight up on the scales. are a great teacher! (From Storms owner)

Really enjoyed the classes.  Loved meeting the other owners and their pups. Thankyou for all your helpful advice. (From Ursula)

Gillian says " your puppy preschool training was really valuable! Thankyou!"

Gail said " We loved out first class!  Anne is amazing."

Thanks it has been a great 4 weeks and very helpful. From Paul.

Lydia and George said "Thank you for 4 weeks training - lots of tips! "

Lynn, Kaiapoi said Thanks for the lovely photos, also thanks for your guidance in navigating puppyhood with Penny.


Ensure you commit and attend for four weeks in a row to take full advantage of the programme.

If you cannot attend one week for some unforseen reason we may be able to accommodate you for the extra week. If we postpone a class we will ensure everyone gets to make the class up.



If you have paid, and before class begins you let us know that you cannot come, an administration fee will be charged and you will be given a refund.

Once you have started class there will be no refunds given.

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